Tuesday, 12 June 2012

See me for who I am (repost)

Ok so, fail on my part. Having two blogs is just driving me insane so I'm just dumping them back together now. As soon as I figure out how to close the other one it'll be gone. This one was inspired by Robert Pattinson =) Anyone got any good quotes?

See me for who I am

Wearing new clothes and wearing my shades,
wearing my cap and hiding my face
Struggling to breath out in the crowds,
and I can't speak, can't make a sound.
Eyes watching my every move,
do they really see the truth?

Reports of my every day excursions,
constant speculations of various notions.
Followed everywhere I go,
my privacy is nothing but a show.
Making the front page news, but damn,
can you see me for who I am?

My looks, my money and my fame,
all seem so important in this little game,
but when the cameras stop rolling
and when the lights go out,
I'm just searching for someone
who knows what I'm really all about.

My life on display, from the outside looking in,
every look and touch is portrayed like a sin.
Like a goldfish in  a bowl,
they look but can't see my soul.
I'm making the front page news, but damn,
do you really see me for who I am?

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