Sunday, 17 June 2012

Second chance

This was inspired by WhatABlur's RPattz fic: Konstantine. Amazing fic and even more amazing character development.

Second Chance

So lost in our own world,
no thoughts of tomorrow.
Months spent in you presence,
and I was drowning in your essence.

But our goodbye came so swift,
and neither of us treasured this gift.
Letting our love slip away,
instead of asking the other to stay.

This is our second chance,
to give  love another glance.
To treasure the love we once knew,
and to make sure we see this thru.

We drifted our own ways,
but in my heart you stayed.
I thought our love was done,
when in reality, everything's just begun.

We're so different from the past,
maybe this time, our love will last.
Slowly gravitating to each other,
a love that can't be found with another.

This is our second chance,
to continue our unfinished romance.
To live our dreams together,
and hold onto it like it's a treasure.

let's take this second chance.

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