Friday, 25 May 2012

The things that matter most

I was looking at gossip yesterday actually, which is really rare for me, but I wanted to see when Cosmopolis is coming out and then one thing led to another. Anyways all that gossip gave me some inspiration - what is the life of a star like? Or rather, what is going on inside the heads of those around them? I'm sure there's plenty of people who want money, fame and glory... people who stare at the gossip rags and wish it was them on the pages.. these are my thoughts on that.

The things that matter most

What are the important things in life?
When I look around the world, I'm forced to wonder,
why is there so much strife?
Why are so many lives ruined and torn asunder?

The things that matter most,
are the feelings kept inside.
The friends who hold you close,
and the family in which you confide.

It's not about the money,
it's not about the fame.
It's not about the power,
and if you think so, it's a shame.

The things that matter most,
are the ones who understand.
The ones who'll hold you close,
to whom you can cry because you can.

The money will run out,
and the fame can fade.
The power, a handy thing no doubt,
but it'll cost you your life in spades.

Your privacy a thing of the past,
you fame only while your attraction lasts.
The money you can make,
but what will you lose for its sake?

So I plead for those you hold dear,
hold them close and do not fear.
Bid the hold of money, fame and power adios,
because that's not what really matters most.

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