Thursday, 5 April 2012

Reaching out

A little something that came to me right before I went to bed last night. You really have to wonder what goes through my brain sometimes if I'm scribbling in the middle of the night writing out the random thoughts in my brain. On a brighter note, I've finally kind of figured out how to work this site. Yay!

Reach out if you dare

Broken and battered,
Alone and shattered,
and the weight of the world
feels like it's resting on your shoulders

But you can reach out to those who care,
the pains and burdens you can share.
And in them, you can confide
so now it's your turn to decide.

So reach out if you dare,
reach out to those who care.
For they will be the ones who see
the wonderful person you can be.

Let the pain fade and scatter,
and listen to those who matter.
Let the words of the faded past,
be the words you remember last.

So reach out if you dare,
reach out to those who care.
They will be the ones to see past your scars,
and see you for the beautiful person you truly are.

So reach out if you dare...

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